Italian Tenderloin

  I am tired of having to throw things out because I didn’t use them fast enough before they went bad so before my Spinach went bad and since I took the tenderloins out without a plan I decided to wing it which isn’t really my thing. I am great at taking a recipe and altering it (remake) or siply reading the name, maybe the ingredients and then creating from there not necesarily following it which is kind of the same thing and remaking a dish.

You Need:
2 turkey tenderloins (about 4lbs.)
2 pks from Saute Expressions (Italian Herb)
1/2 bag of Spinach (salad section)
10 baby red potatoes
kosher salt


1) Cut tenderloins in half then pound till about 1/2 inch thick.
2) Put Saute Expression pks. in skillet; melt and add meat cook till turns white then flip, when all pink color has turned white you may remove and place in casserole dish.



3) Add spinach to pan and cook about 3 minutes then place on top meat, be sure to srinkle with salt and toss before removing from skillet.


4) Cut baby reds int0 4 sections and arrange around edges put lid or foil on top and cook for one hour.
5) Ready to serve:


This looks and tasted pretty good. It was a hit with the family especially my middle son. I chose to serve it with my mac-n-cheese.


This mac-n-cheese was so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I always make it different depending on what cheeses I have on hand but no matter what is always soooooooooo good that it never last. I promise to measure and write down next time and post.

Till the next post, “It’s Been D’Lish Dishing w/ Ya’ll!”


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