Black History Month

So we’re gonna talk about what’s on my mind. I think it’s bad enough that it’s only one month they say is devoted to black history where our children learn about their black selves. When what they are learning is how they were slaves not how they were once Kings and Queens. They’re not learning how our people are inventors not just football and basketball players. We are not just good for singing and dancing yet so many black men and women were and are great minds. Did you know that Julie Dash was the first black woman writer and director to have a feature film nationally distributed. She did “Daughters of the Dust”. Solomon Brown was a scientist and artist; he also became the first black chief clerk at the Smithsonian Institution(in Washington, D.C.)

Did you know that Carter G. Woodson founded The Journal of Negro History in 1916 or that the first book published by a black author in the U.S. appeared in 1858 and was written by: William Wells Brown (It was titled The Escape; Or, A Leap to Freedom.) Jane M. Bolin became New York City’s first black female judge (in 1939). Benjamin Banneker was a mathematician and Sharon Pratt Kelly became the first black woman mayor of Washington, D.C. in 1990. The list of accomplished black men and women goes on and on as we have and still continue to disprove Hitler’s theory that blacks were inferior. Remember you are black you are unique and be proud to be you. If you are a parent go out and get the book: Shades of Black: A Celebration of Our Children, By: Sandra L. Pinkney.


Till Next Time: “It’s Been Dlish Dishing w/ Ya’ll!!!!!!!


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