Striving for Success When Doors Keep Closing

Are you striving your hardest to succeed and just when you thought you’d done what you need to open doors they just keeping closing on you? Get an education they say, but can you get a job with just a high school diploma? No not anymore, forget that you may have experience. You need a college degree they say. So you go to school and accomplish this honor so you think; is the job yours now? No, you need experience but how I ask are you ever to get it if no one hires you. Truly what message are we sending?

Stay stronge, I know it’s hard my sisters and brothers to continue to try day after day, week after week, then months go by and you want to throw in the towel. Please don’t ! Keep your head up, step back, re-evaluate your situation. Then hit the ground running, your time will come, I can’t tell you when but keep the faith.

Till Next Time: “It’s Been Dlish Dishing w/Ya’ll”


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