Do You Know: There is a Difference Between Black History & Black People!

Seriously any and everything about black people is not history. Webster defines History as: a chronological record of significant events (as affecting a nation or institution) often including an explanation of their causes . I believe this affirms what’s on my mind and that is that just because a black face is attached to something doesn’t make it history. I do not understand why under black history people put such things which have not made an impact on our nation let alone the institution of black people in general.

My 10 year old came home and said he had a black history project and he wanted to be Dr.J ( the basketball player). My honey asked him why, what had he done that made him a black history figure. My son’s reply: “He’s a great basketball player”. Of course the next question was ok but what had he done that was so historic. Parents are we leaving too much up to the school system to educate our children and let them know what history really is that they grow up as adults still not knowing what history is? Just a thought!


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