Crust Cookies

This concoction came about from wanting to eat chocolate chip cookies but feeling I needed to do a dessert using the pie crust I had before it went bad. I found these cookies to be really good and will continue to make. You get a gooey cookie with a little bit of crunch as well.


Now I believe you can cut corners in some areas but in others you simply can’t skimp.


•Pillsbury box pie crust
•Pillsbury Oatmeal chocolate chip
cookie dough
•Cooking spray
•Green & Black’s organic dark chocolate (optional)
•Ice cream (optional)

Now this particular chocolate I found at Target you however can simply use a solid chocolate bar that has been frozen or not to do chocolate shavings on top. The shavings will vary according to what you use grater vs. peeler and frozen vs. not frozen.


1- use a cup that’s about the same size as a regular baked cookie to cut circles in the crust. Cut however many circles needed for the amount of cookies you want to make. ( I made 6 on what would normally do 12 cookies touching, however you don’t want cookies to touch)

2- Spray sheet with Cooking Spray and set oven to 350°F.

3- Place pie crust circles on cookie sheet and one cookie dough on each circle. Place in oven 3-5 min, then remove.

4-  If your cookies haven’t spread use spoon or knife to flatten halfway (this will happen if crust was frozen) Lift each cookie stack and place another cookie underneath stacking so you now have 3 layers. Place in oven and bake for 10 minutes or til bottom cookie flattens.


5- Now place in your favorite bowl add your desired scoop of ice cream and use a potato peeler  or grater to shave some chocolate on top.

6- You can now eat your yummy treat!

I hope you enjoy! Till next time, “It’s Been Dlish Dishing w/ Ya’ll”


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