Donuts King

I couldn’t wait and ate the Apple Fritters, this is what’s left.


Anytime I’m off during the week or don’t sleep in too late I make a donut run. Krispy Kreme has been my place since I was a child till I found the Donut King. So here is the difference we will use initials; DK’s donuts are extremely delicious, soft and stay fresh much longer. KK’s donuts are very good but become stale after one day. Now since I’ve been a Krispy Kreme gal since my first donut and my favorites have always been lemon filled and I’m stuck on KK for them. However I have definitely switched to the Donut King and my new favorite is the Apple Fritter which KK doesn’t make. Let me say this to help with how good these are I drive several blocks through traffic for them and a hate traffic. Also Krispy Kreme is at the end of my street, exactly 2 minutes. Say no more!

You want to visit this place:

Donut King
2250 Scenic Hwy N.
Snellville, GA. 30078

Open 7 days a week

Now this place is jumping from open to close. I got there at 11:00 today and they were almost out of donuts. I’m usually there between 6 & 7 am


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