Chobani meets Burritos


Did you know that sour cream can be substituted with yogurt. Well we made burritos and forgot we were out of sour cream so what the heck we tried it. Of course we didn’t have regular we only had vanilla. Yes that’s right we put Chobani Vanilla Greek yogurt on the burritos.  It actually tasted pretty good. So next time you need a go to Ingredient or a recipe calls for sour cream try Chobani for a healthier alternative. Yes I received my 1st container free with a coupon I received as your friendly #BzzAgent however I bought my 2nd container myself cause the first was so good and will be going back for a 3rd this week. Now these also come in individual servings in strawberry and blueberry. It’s always Dlish Dishing a new find with you all.