Strawberry Lemonade

There’s nothing like making something yourself and it deliciously gives you the satisfaction of knowing exactly what is in it. I use to love to go to the store and pick up a bottle of Strawberry or raspberry lemonade from the refrigerated section till one day my family was gathered at the table and found our meal had been turned into a horror session due to finding a maggot in the bottle. It has been 2 years since but I won’t buy lemonade from any company now and I Simply will not purchase anything from that company anymore. Still haven’t gotten over My Paranoyia. I apologize if this repulsed you. Maybe the positive out of it will be that it inspires you to make homemade lemonade.


🍓2 cups lemon juice (real or from concentrate)
🍓2 cups strawberry puree
🍓 2 cups sugar
4 quart or larger pitcher

Place first 3 ingredients in pitcher then fill water to 4 qt line (about 3 qt of water). Stir,  chill and drink.