Kroger Makes Lunch Creations Easy


We’re all always trying to make life a little simpler these days whether it be making our child’s lunch or looking for snacks to take on the go. No matter the task Kroger has come up with a less expensive version packaged in just the right sizes for our little one. The Bossy Diva was particularly fund of the peanut butter crackers, cookies and even though she picked out the nuts she ate the trial mix. We were also able to try the Kroger Greek yogurt which all the children in my daycare loved as well as myself and my family. I’m always happy to find a version of an item we love that can be replaced by Kroger to save me time and money as Kroger is closest to my home. Once again the opportunity to try these treats came as one of the perks of being a BzzAgent and I received them all for free as what didn’t arrive in my kit well there were coupons for.  Yay me as I got to share with you. 

As always it’s been Dlish dishing with ya’ll.  So till next time God Bless!