Coconut Head

Coconut Oil has many benefits from centuries beyond my years. However I will simply share the benefits I’ve had the pleasure of since finding Skinny & Company after reading a post about Angela Bassett receiving here gift box of products. I remember thinking wow this must be why her skin is always glowing. So I said hell, if it’s good enough for Angela let’s give it a try. I ordered the Shampoo Bar, Peppermint Pulling Oil, and Coconut Oil. These 3 products I continuously replenish, why you say well let me tell you…

Coconut Shampoo Bar

This little gem is fabulous in more ways than one. In my house I use it to shampoo me and my daughter’s hair once a week; it really helps our hair grow and softens it as well. As a facial cleanser it pulls the toxins out of your face. Lastly I bath with it and I must say ladies it does wonders you wouldn’t believe.

Coconut Pulling Oil

I fell in love with this product first; first thing in the morning when I get up I swish it around in my mouth, spit, rinse then brush with my favorite toothpaste. I have to tell you since I’ve been doing this my teeth are whiter and they no longer bleed. This is do to the fact that it pulls the toxins and bacteria out of your mouth while strengthening your gums.

Coconut Oil

Heaven sent 7-in-1, this product can be used for the following :
•Scalp grease
•Facial moisturizer
•Body moisturizer
•Lip gloss/chapstick
•Cooking oil
•Healthy additive (*)

*can be added to coffee, tea, or hot chocolate as it is a great metabolism and energy booster, as well as immune booster.

I just can’t stop telling everyone all about the benefits of Skinny’s Coconut Oil. Well until next time “It’s Been D’Lish Dishing with Ya’ll”