Winging it at Hooters

Who doesn’t love wings? My thoughts exactly, so when I got the opportunity to join this campaign despite my concern with taking my children to what is known as a tity bar I thought well I could always go without them just me and my honey. Well we ended up going and taking our babygirl with us and yes I was concerned as she’s very observant and we dress her very modest. I found to my surprise that the once over exaggerated focus on the breast was no longer the case; now it seems to be the short shorts, however the stocking help to downplay it. I’m thinking the excessive makeup is an over compensating. Now I know we were supposed to be talking about wings, yes yes I getting there. We ordered both styles; the traditional Mild wings (bone-in) and the boneless Parmesan-Garlic we didn’t stop there of course, we also ordered the fried pickles and a kids grilled cheese meal for the little lady.  Our server was very pleasant and we enjoyed having her wait on us. There were lots of tv’s with all sorts of sporting events on and the atmosphere was nice as it wasn’t a crowded day. However I must say none of us completed our meal not even half of it. My boneless wings were extra wet, greasy and I really didn’t care for the flavor, my daughter’s grill cheese was greasy as well.  My honey wouldn’t eat his wings either as they too were very greasy. The drinks and fried pickles were the only thing we actually liked. I wasn’t impressed with the wings but would revisit to give them another try.
Well I revisited and service was about the same, I still wasn’t impressed with the food. I had a burger, the chili cheese fries as an appetizer were ok though. We went for Mother’s Day as mothers eat free on this day. This place for me only works if you’re going for the sports atmosphere nothing more…