Welcome to D’Lish Dishing!

About Dlish Dishing. …

D’Lish Dishing was created in January, 2013, and in doing so it was my hope since everyone always calls when they want to know something that I could share that same knowledge of things I know or simply am passionate about with others. You’ll find a variety of topics here from recipes for meals, desserts, drinks to All things Family, Business and more. As I dish about whatever’s on my mind; my hope is that you’ll see a recipe you’ll want to try or read a post that will help you leaving you with a little more knowledge than before you stopped by..

If this is your first visit I’d love for you to stick around for more! Take a chance and explore I’m sure you’ll like it.

About the Person Behind the Blog….

I’m Vee, I love cooking which includes baking. I consider my kitchen to be my favorite room in my home making it my playground where I try new recipes; I enjoy tweeking them to my particular palette so I seldom leave recipes alone. I cook for two reasons … aside from the constant hungry people in my house!  First it brings back the most fondest memories for me..cooking with my Grandma, Mother and Aunt. Food seem to always bring our family together; reminds me of the movie/show “Soul Food”. Second I’m simply a southern gal through and through. It gives me great pleasure to make something that someone enjoys! Hearing those words uttered “oh my goodness”, “yum”, or my favorite “this make you wanna smack yo mamma” from those eating a dish I’ve cooked.  I love to know that I have not only pleased their tummies but their taste buds. It makes me smile. I also enjoy sharing that which I’ve learned with others which is what this blog is all about.

I spend most of my time outside the kitchen as I am not only a mother of 4, I have a Family Daycare where I teach ages birth through 5. I absolutely love having the privilege of Sparking young minds. The ability to be one of the first to lay the foundation for learning is a great honor especially getting to see their joy for it each day. In addition to cooking, blogging, and teaching.. I make gift baskets, sandles, jewelry and hairbows. I’ve created this blog so that I can share that which I am passionate about family, food and trying to stay positive in a world overly saturated with negativity.

I hope you enjoy all it has to offer and frequently drop by!!!!



Items and products reviewed on this site are always that which I have personally tried. I promise to always give an honest review. As a BzzAgent I get the previllege of trying out different products  for free and telling friends and family all about them is my pleasure! In those instances I will disclose that important bit of information by placing in BOLD the word BzzAgent at the end. Happy Reading!


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