Mary Kay’s timewise skinvigorate


Good Morning DD followers,

I added new products to my regimen surprisingly.  Yes I know for those of you who know me I stick to the same thing always so while I have been using Ambi and Carol’s Daughter for my facial regimen all these years I decided to give Mary Kay’s timewise a try with their cool cleansing brush. Yes I am in love with this baby.  There is nothing like a little help removing all that dirt and dead skin from your face.

Now I know you ladies and even some of you gents have your own regimen,  ritual,  or routine as we like to call it and mine goes a little something like this as I am very simple as well as funny about what products i use:
♡wet face
♡Mary Kay timewise 3-in-1 cleanser
♡Carol’s Daughter Acai Moisturizer

Works like a charm!  I now get not only a much cleaner feel I have added an invigorating feel as well; so my face and I feel refreshed and alive. This is an important addition for me as your morning feel will determine your flow for the day and I don’t mind starting mine off with a little pep in my step. All in all even if you are married to what you are currently using the brush is an awesome addition to any routine. I am now married to my brush. Let the church say halelujah. So on that note I’d like to send a shout out to my Wonderful and ever Exciting Mary Kay consultant Charity Costen. If any of you ladies or gentlemen are looking for a consultant she’s a great go to gal who can be reached at:

As always in the spirit of sharing it’s been Dlish dishing with ya’ll till next time!